Table 3

Demographics and characteristics of subjects in the three longitudinal studies

Natural history baseline*
Pre-PPI/post-PPI baseline†Preantibiotics/postantibiotics‡
No antibiotics
Age (years)55.2±5.954.2±4.752.1±9.564.3±5.261.7±11.5
Gender (men/women)8/710/38/27/07/0
Aetiology of cirrhosis (HCV, alcohol, HCV+alcohol, NAFLD, other)3/5/0/7/05/2/1/3/24/2/1/05/2/0
MELD score8.8±2.98.1±2.713.2±2.512.1±2.5
Prior hepatic encephalopathy4077
Lactulose/any rifaximin4/00/00/70/7
Proton pump inhibitors50 at baseline0 at baseline66
Non-selective beta-blockers44055
  • *These subjects were followed over 6 months without any change in cirrhosis natural history; the table demonstrates baseline values.

  • †Subjects tested before and after 14 days of 40 mg omeprazole daily; column values reflect baseline values.

  • ‡Outpatients with recurrent HE were randomised into receiving antibiotics for 5 days or not; these are the baseline values.

  • MELD, model for end-stage liver disease; NAFLD, non-alcholic fatty liver disease.