Table 2

Number of patients with neoplastic lesions and the types of lesions identified

  CE group (n=66)NBI group (n=65)
Patients with neoplasia, n (%)14 (21.2%)14 (21.5%)
Total number of neoplastic lesions3121
Number of lesions according to histology
High-grade dysplasia01
Low-grade dysplasia3019
 Serrated adenoma102
 Sporadic adenoma68
Indefinite for dysplasia10
Paris classification of the lesions
IIa15 (48%)13 (72%)
IIb2 (6%)0
Is13 (42%)4 (22%)
Ip1 (4%)0
IIa-c01 (6%)
  • Per patient neoplasia detection rate p value: 0.96.

  • OR 1.02 (0.44 to 2.35).

  • ALM, adenoma-like mass; CE, chromoendoscopy; DALM, dysplasia-associated lesion or mass; NBI, narrow-band imaging.