Table 2

Genes selected for validation by RT-qPCR from microarray data comparing the gene expression profile of atorvastatin-treated normal colonic epithelial cells from tumour-free versus tumour-bearing mice

Gene*Microarray log2 fold changeP valueRT-qPCR
validation correlation†
Cxcl5 3.130.0040.9
Fabp7 2.460.004
Ctnnb1 2.230.002
Pten 1.090.003
Tesc −2.380.002
Pthlh −1.960.002
Mapk11 −1.610.005
Igf1 −1.240.005
  • *False discovery rate for these genes was 0.379.

  • †Spearman rank correlation of fold change in mRNA expression determined by microarray versus RT-qPCR.

  • mRNA, messenger RNA; RT-qPCR, real-time quantitative PCR.