Table 1

Listing of putative criteria for implicating pathophysiological mechanisms in symptom generation of functional gastrointestinal disorders

1‘Presence’The pathophysiological disturbance is present in at least a subset of patients with the functional GI symptom, and the prevalence is higher than in appropriate controls.
2‘Temporal association’A close temporal association exists between the pathophysiological disturbance and the symptom occurrence
3‘Correlation’A significant correlation exists between the presence/severity of the symptom and the presence and the severity of the disturbed function.
4‘Induction’Inducing or mimicking the dysfunction generates the symptom in asymptomatic subjects.
5A. ‘Therapeutic response’Treatment aimed at correcting the underlying disorder improves the symptom. Or:
B. ‘Congruent natural history’Changes in symptom severity parallel changes in the severity of the disturbance.