Table 2

Top associated variants in the overall cohort of European alcoholic chronic pancreatitis patients

SNP IDLocusGeneCounted alleleMAFp ValueOR (95% CI)
rs545634 1p36.21 CTRC A0.122.8×10–22 1.83 (1.63 to 2.06)
rs146437551 5q32 SPINK1 G0.0133.3×10–15 3.82 (2.79 to 5.22)
rs2855983 7q34 PRSS1-PRSS2 G0.3925.5×10–40 1.84 (1.69 to 2.00)
rs8055167 16q23.1 CTRB1-CTRB2 C0.284.2×10–9 1.35 (1.23 to 1.49)
rs12688091 Xq22.3 CLDN2-MORC4 G0.319.9×10–33 2.57 (2.22 to 2.98)
  • Results confirmed CLDN2-MORC4, CTRC, PRSS1-PRSS2 and SPINK1 as risk loci and identified a new locus in CTRB1-CTRB2. Data on linkage disequilibrium of the variants with previously reported risk variants in these loci are given in online supplementary table S3.

  • ID, identification; MAF, minor allele frequency; SNP, single-nucleotide polymorphism.