Table 1

Study sample characteristics

Study siteInstitut Pasteur (Paris, France)Queen’s Medical Centre (Nottingham, UK)Lancet Laboratories (Johannesburg, South Africa)
Gold standard assayAbbott RealTimeAbbott RealTimeAbbott RealTime
HCV-positive cases (n)221201118
Controls (n)19031312
Condition of sample storageFrozenFrozen (201 cases and 313 controls)
Fresh (51 cases and 49 controls)
Type of samplePlasmaPlasma (124 cases and 234 controls)
Serum (77 cases and 79 controls)
AnticoagulantNa-heparinEDTA and SST tubesInformation not recorded
Genotype distributiong1a and g1b (88%) and g4 (12%)g1a and g1b (62%), g3 (33%), g2 (2.2%), g4 (2.2%), g5 (1.1%)Data available for 98% of the cases: g1a (40.5%), g4 (27.5%), g1b (15.5%), g3 (6%), g2 (5%), g5 (5%).
No of daily controls1 positive and 3 negative4 positive and 4 negativeNone
No of operators234
No of Genedrive units483
  • HCV, hepatitis C virus; SST, serum-separating tube.