Table 6

Key studies of colorectal ESD in East Asia and the West

AuthorsStudy typeAttempted lesions/mean size (mm)/mean procedure time (min)Proximal (%)/distal (%)/rectal distributionSMIC (%)Per cent of cohort potentially cured of LR-SMICOverall en bloc (%)/R0 (%)/recurrence (%)Perforation (%)/Postprocedure bleeding (%)
East Asia
Saito et al (2010)34 Multicentre cohort1111/35/11646.0/23.7/30.319.210.088/89/NS4.9/1.5
Lee et al (2013)32 Single-centre cohort874/26.5/5450.0/29.3/20.715.18.497.1/90.5/0.46.1/0.5
Nakajima et al (2013)18 Multicentre cohort816/NS/9627.3/36.4/36.318.810.894.5/80.6/NS2.0/2.2
Niimi et al (2010)49 Single-centre cohort310/28.9/NS27.1/46.8/
Nishiyama et al (2010)33 Multicentre cohort204/27.4/NS39.2/36.3/
Probst et al (2012)36 Single-centre cohort76 of 82/45.5/1760/13.4 (sigmoid)/86.618.41.381.6/69.7/9.21.3/7.9
Rahmi et al (2014)37 Multicentre cohort45/35/1100/0/1006.74.464/53/718%/13%
Repici et al (2013)38 Single-centre case series40 of 51/46.8/86.10/0/1005.05.090.0/80/2.52.5/5.0
  • ESD, endoscopic submucosal dissection; LR-SMIC, submucosal invasive cancer; NS, not stated; SMIC, submucosal invasive cancer.