Table 2

Patient disposition in the open-label extension study

Enrolled and treated*191
 Responder at entry89
 Non-responder at entry99
 Responder status missing at entry3
End of treatment: completed69
 Baseline HBI data65
End of treatment: discontinued122
 Baseline HBI data121
End of study (includes follow-up period): completed111
Analysed for safety191
Analysed for efficacy189†
  • *Patients in the prior induction study achieving CDAI-70 (proportion of patients who achieved a ≥70-point reduction in Crohn’s Disease Activity Index (CDAI) score) response were considered responders at entry and those patients not achieving CDAI-70 response were considered non-responders at entry.

  • †Patients who received at least one dose of PF-04236921 in this study but excludes two patients with a quality issue.

  • HBI, Harvey-Bradshaw Index.