Table 1

General information on participating registries

SourceCountryData typeYear of diagnosisRegistered casesExcluded cases*Analysed cases
DCO/autopsyTNM stage 0
SEER-18†USAPopulation-basedJanuary 2004–December 201399 5822972 (3.0)37 (0.0)96 573
NCRThe NetherlandsPopulation-basedJanuary 2003–December 201422 57999 (0.4)2 (0.0)22 478
BCRBelgiumPopulation-basedJanuary 2004–December 201312 146NA1 (0.0)12 145
CRNNorwayPopulation-basedJanuary 2003–December 20148022333 (4.2)3 (0.0)7686
DPCDDenmarkPopulation-basedMay 2011–May 20164088NA2 (0.0)4086
CRSSloveniaPopulation-basedJanuary 2003–December 2013337654 (1.6)0 (0.0)3322
EsCREstoniaPopulation-basedJanuary 2009–December 2014150999 (6.6)0 (0.0)1410
NCTGermanyInstitution-basedJanuary 2009–March 20162764NA6 (0.2)2758
REPCRItalyInstitution-basedOctober 2007–October 201699012 (1.2)0 (0.0)978
PanGenSSpainInstitution-basedJanuary 2007–December 2013743NA2 (0.3)741
ErCRGermanyInstitution-basedJanuary 2003–December 2015538NA5 (0.9)533
IPOPPortugalInstitution-basedJanuary 2012–December 2014324NA1 (0.3)323
HPSGHungaryInstitution-basedJanuary 2006–May 2015291NA0 (0.0)291
IJBBelgiumInstitution-basedJanuary 2003–December 2014239NA1 (0.4)238
INTItalyInstitution-basedFebruary 2012–November 2016170NA0 (0.0)170
NKIThe NetherlandsInstitution-basedJanuary 2003–December 20151382 (1.4)0 (0.0)136
  • *Shown as n (percentage (%)).

  • †Data of the year 2003 were not analysed, as the TNM stage (V.6/7) information was unavailable.

  • BCR, Belgian Cancer Registry; CRN, Cancer Registry of Norway; CRS, Cancer Registry of Slovenia; DCO, death certificate only; DPCD, Danish Pancreatic Cancer Database; ErCR, Erlangen Cancer Registry; EsCR, Estonian Cancer Registry; HPSG, Hungarian Pancreatic Study Group; IJB, Jules Bordet Institute; INT, Istituto Nazionale dei Tumori; IPOP, Portuguese Oncology Institute of Porto; NA, not applicable due to not routinely registered.; NCR, Netherlands Cancer Registry; NCT, National Centre for Tumour Diseases in Heidelberg; NKI, The Netherlands Cancer Institute in Amsterdam; PanGenS, Spanish arm of the PanGenEU study; REPCR, Reggio Emilia Pancreatic Cancer Registry; SEER, Surveillance, Epidemiology, and End Results Program; TNM, tumour, node, metastasis.