Table 6

Top 10 outcomes voted after phase 1

ItemOutcomesPanel SuRa highPanel SuRa low
30Faecal diversion or proctectomy970
15Development of a new fistula890
20Incontinence to solid stool890
28Perianal-related hospitalisation890
29Surgical reintervention892
14Recurrence of fistula860
16Perianal abscess on clinical assessment after intervention862
56Unable attend school/work840
19Incontinence to liquid stool830
Panel GaNu high Panel GaNu low
30Faecal diversion or proctectomy980
15Development of a new fistula970
84Medical complications specific to the immunosuppression (eg, opportunistic infections and cancers)970
14Recurrence of fistula940
20Incontinence to solid stool940
28Perianal-related hospitalisation940
19Incontinence to liquid stool920
56Unable attend school/work920
21Pads for continence/leakage910
Panel Pa high Panel Pa low
19Incontinence to liquid stool960
30Faecal diversion or proctectomy960
20Incontinence to solid stool931
16Perianal abscess on clinical assessment after intervention926
15Development of a new fistula920
28Perianal-related hospitalisation913
17Wound infection900
39Social interaction avoidance896
29Surgical reintervention865
  • Panel GaNu, gastroenterologists and IBD specialist nurses; panel Pa, patients; panel SuRa, colorectal surgeons and radiologists.