Table 4

Relationship between postoperative ctDNA, postoperative CEA and recurrence status in all patients

RecurrenceNo recurrence
Postoperative ctDNA positive, —n/total n (%)
 Postoperative CEA elevated5/11 (45)1/8 (13)
 Postoperative CEA not elevated6/11 (55)7/8 (87)
Postoperative ctDNA negative, n/total n (%)
 Postoperative CEA elevated0/11 (0)1/124 (1)
 Postoperative CEA not elevated11/11 (100)123/124 (99)
  • Postoperative CEA data were not available in one case with recurrence and four cases without recurrence.

  • CEA, carcinoembryonic antigen; ctDNA, circulating tumour DNA.