Table 2

Mortality in different subgroups in 240 patients with organ failure

SubgroupsMortality (%) in transient organ failureMortality (%) in persistent organ failure
Single organ failure
Any organ system2/15 (13)11/53 (21)
 Cardiovascular0/6 (0)2/4 (50)
 Respiratory0/3 (0)8/46 (17)
 Renal2/6 (30)1/3 (33)
Multiple organ failure (any two or more organ systems) 0/6 (0)72/166 (43)
Any two organ systems0/6 (0)39/114 (34)
 Cardiovascular and respiratory0/6 (0)32/90 (36)
 Respiratory and renal7/21 (33)
 Renal and cardiovascular0/3 (0)
All three organ systems33/52 (63)
  • All values in parentheses are percentages. Data represent the longest persistent episode of organ failure per system. In case episodes of different organ systems were equal in duration, the organ system involved in the first episode was used.