Table 4

Characteristics of British–Irish cohort of alcohol misusers

Total n=664Controls (no liver injury)
n=347 (52.2%)
Cases (cirrhosis)
n=317 (47.8%)
(p values)
 Age (years)51±1149±1053±10<0.0001
 Sex (women)180 (27)81 (23)99 (31)0.022
 BMI (kg/m2)~ 24.7±2.524.7±2.324.6±2.60.901
 Diabetes mellitus (yes/no/NA, % yes)~ NA
Frequency of AAT genotypes
 Pi*MZ genotype28 (4.22)9 (2.59)19 (5.99)0.029
 Pi*ZZ genotype*0 (0)0 (0)0 (0)NA
 Pi*MS genotype†61 (9.30)28 (8.16)33 (10.54)0.295
 Pi*SS genotype†2 (0.30)1 (0.29)1 (0.32)0.499‡
 Pi*SZ genotype†2 (0.30)1 (0.29)1 (0.32)0.499‡
  • Cases were defined as alcohol misusers with cirrhosis, whereas controls were defined as alcohol misusers without evidence of significant liver injury. Quantitative measures are shown as mean±SD or as an absolute count (n) and relative frequency (%).

  • *Patients with the Pi*ZZ genotype were excluded a priori.

  • †656 subjects (98.8% of all subjects) were genotyped for presence of the Pi*S variant.

  • ‡Fisher’s exact test.

  • AAT, alpha1-antitrypsin; BMI, body mass index; NA, not applicable; Pi*MZ, heterozygous for the Pi*Z variant; Pi*ZZ, homozygous for the Pi*Z variant; Pi*MS, heterozygous for the Pi*S variant; Pi*SS, homozygous for the Pi*S variant; Pi*SZ, compound heterozygous for the Pi*S and the Pi*Z variant. 

  • ~ Subjects with diabetes and/or subjects with BMI >30 kg/m2 have been excluded.