Table 3

Secondary outcomes of recurrence of CDI within 6 months and length of initial in hospital stay

Intervention effect
(95% CI)
Recurrence of CDI within 6 months
 Data available6166
 No recurrence41 (67.2%)52 (78.8%) Risk difference Risk ratio
 Recurrence20 (32.8%)14 (21.2%)−11.6% (−27.0% to 3.7%)0.65 (0.36, 1.16)
Risk difference Risk ratio
 Hospitalisation for recurrence8 (13.1%)9 (13.6%)0.5% (−11.1% to 12.0%)1.04 (0.43 to 2.52)
 Total number of recurrences
Length of in hospital stay following start of treatment
 Inpatient at start of treatment2529
 Discharged on the same day as start of treatment42
 Withdrew consent on the same day as randomisation01
 Median length of stay (95% CI)21 (4 to 29)15 (6 to 40)0.94 (0.52 to 1.71)
  • Number of participants with 6 months outcome data available is used as the denominator for recurrence and hospitalisation for recurrence.

  • Risk difference/risk ratio and 95% CIs calculated using generalised estimating equations (to account for hospital) using the Binomial family.

  • Median length of stay based on Kaplan Meier survival estimates.

  • Unadjusted HR for length of in hospital stay is reported as the shared frailty model used to account for stratification by site did not converge.

  • CDI, Clostridium difficile infection.