Table 1

Patients and tissues used

Region of colonAll tissues studiedTissues used for functional studiesTissues used for H&E staining
nAge (years)Gender (male:female)n (strips)Age (years)Evidence of inflammation (ages)n
Ascending11369±1 (35–91)0.7: 1109 (1020)67±3 (40–91)4 (60, 73, 78, 78 years)30
Descending/sigmoid13265±1 (35–91)1.4: 1130 (1276)66±3 (35–91)2 (60, 78 years)28
  • n, number of patients (for functional studies, numbers of muscle strips used are given in parenthesis). The ages of the patients are given as mean±SEM with ranges in parenthesis. For functional studies, tissues were used after overnight storage in fresh Krebs solution at 4˚C (188 tissues), 44 on the day of surgery and 7 on the day of surgery and after storage.