Table 1

Highlights of studies on pain treatment in chronic pancreatitis

StudyDesignNInterventionsFollow-upPain relief (%)*
Rosch et al 12 Cohort1018Endoscopy (including ESWL)4.9 years†65
Tadenuma et al 71 Cohort57Endoscopy (including ESWL)1 year63
Dumonceau et al 72 RCT55ESWL with/without subsequent endoscopy2 years55 vs 62 (p=0.651)
Conventional surgery
Dite et al 61
RCT72Endoscopy (without ESWL) versus surgery5 years61 vs 86 (p=0.002)
Cahen et al 13 RCT39Endoscopy (including ESWL) versus surgery2 years32 vs 75 (p=0.007)
Cahen et al26 Long-term results RCT31Endoscopy (including ESWL) versus surgery>6 years38 vs 80 (p=0.042)
Bellin et al 82 Cohort215TPIAT10 years82
Neuropathic pain medication
Olesen et al67 RCT64Pregabalin versus placebo3 weeks36 vs 24 (p=0.02)
  • *Complete and partial pain relief combined.

  • †Mean.

  • CP, chronic pancreatitis; ESWL, extracorporeal shockwave lithotripsy; RCT,  randomised controlled trial; TPIAT, total pancreatectomy with islet autotransplantation.