Table 2

Diagnostic performance for the detection of advanced fibrosis

AUROC (95% CI)Sensitivity (%)Specificity (%)PPVNPVP value*
10 metabolites0.94 (0.897 to 0.982)90794398NA
FIB-4 index0.78 (0.674 to 0.891)90392196 0.002
FIB-4+10 metabolites0.94 (0.896 to 0.983)907943980.836
NAFLD Fibrosis Score0.84 (0.752 to 0.929)90592897 0.017
Clinical predictive score†0.84 (0.724 to 0.945)903720950.053
  • Shown are the specificity, NPV and PPV at the fixed sensitivity of 90% for the detection of advanced fibrosis.

  • Bold indicates p values <0.05.

  • *P value was determined be comparing the AUROC of the combination of 10 metabolites to the diagnostic test on the same row.

  • †The score includes platelet count, international normalised ratio, haemoglobin A1c % and alkaline phosphatase based on backward stepwise elimination of factors associated with advanced fibrosis.

  • AUROC, area under the receiver operating characteristic curve; NA. not available; NPV, negative predictive value; PPV, positive predictive value,