Table 4

Outcomes in excellent bowel preparation (BBPS ≥7)

Routine colonoscopy (n=293)CADe colonoscopy (n=292)P value*FC/OR95% CI
PDR0.29350.41440.0021.703†1.209 to 2.399
ADR0.20820.26370.121.356†0.924 to 1.991
Mean number of detected polyp0.50170.8116<0.0011.618‡1.317 to 1.987
Mean number of detected adenoma0.28670.42120.0071.464‡1.11 to 1.932
  • *P value from χ2 test (or Fisher’s exact test, as appropriate) or t-test.

  • †OR.

  • ‡FC.

  • ADR, adenoma detection rate; FC, fold change; PDR, polyp detection rate.