Table 3

Polyp and adenoma detection

Routine colonoscopy (n=536)CADe colonoscopy (n=522)P value*FC/OR95% CI
PDR0.2910.4502<0.0011.995†1.532 to 2.544
ADR0.20340.2912<0.0011.61†1.213 to 2.135
Mean number of detected polyp0.50190.954<0.0011.89‡1.63 to 2.192
Mean number of detected adenoma0.30970.5326<0.0011.72‡1.419 to 2.084
  • *P value from χ2 test (or Fisher’s exact test, as appropriate) or t-test.

  • †OR.

  • ‡FC.

  • ADR, adenoma detection rate; FC, fold change; PDR, polyp detection rate.