Table 1

Baseline characteristics of the study participants and anthropometric and biochemical values at the 45-day follow-up.

Low-iron formulaHigh-iron formulaFe drops
Participants (n)181817
Girls (n)7911
Birth weight (g)* 3717±5603548±4253800±436
Birth length (cm)* 51.1±2.250.2±1.651.7±1.7
Age at inclusion (months)* 6.1±0.36.1±0.26.1±0.3
BaselineFollow-upP values BaselineFollow-upP values BaselineFollow-upP values P values
Weight (kg)* 8.3±1.09.1±1.1<0.0018.0±1.28.8±1.1<0.0018.4±0.99.2±0.9<0.0010.49
Length (cm)* 68.4±2.471.3±2.7<0.00167.4±2.869.9±2.6<0.00168.2±2.371.7±3.9<0.0010.26
Hb (g/L)* 111.6±6.0110.2±9.00.71112.2±7.0112.9±5.90.62118.0±11.5112.2±
S-Fe (µmol/L)* 9.5±4.29.5±4.30.669.7±3.88.7±3.60.428.8±4.59.6±3.60.640.78
S-transferrin (g/L)* 2.2±0.32.4±±0.32.2±0.30.662.3±0.42.2±0.20.700.32
S-ferritin (µg/L)§ 89.4±44.761.2±32.5<0.00172.3±40.770.5±47.00.81109.3±85.892.2±
F-calprotectin (µg/g) 132 (71, 241)121 (55, 211)NS**120 (59, 238)105 (62, 421)NS**263 (104, 345)151 (109, 492)NS**NS††**
  • Data are mean/geometric mean±SD or median (25th, 75th percentile).

  • *Mean ±SD. 

  • †P values for within-group differences, paired-samples t-test.

  • ‡P values for between-group differences, ANOVA.

  • §Geometric mean ±SD. 

  • ¶Median (25th, 75th percentile).

  • **P values for within-group differences, related-samples Wilcoxon signed-rank test.

  • ††P values for between-group difference, independent-samples Kruskal-Wallis test.

  • F, faecal; Hb, haemoglobin; NS, not significant at p=0.05; S, serum.