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Accuracy of IBD case identification information streams

Data sourceTrue positives n / %False positives n / %% of total true positives identified
Pathology coding7661 (99)81 (1)73
ICD-10 code K50/515525 (75)1186 (25)53
Mesalazine prescribing5079 (84)956 (16)48
ICD-10 code K50/51/524254 (27)11 625 (73)40
Secondary care prescribing842 (100)08
Paediatric registry122 (100)01
Total unique cases 10 49914 102
  • All true positive, live Lothian or non-Lothian resident IBD cases identified from manual case review of ‘possible’ cases were used to derive the accuracy of each information stream. The proportion of cases accepted as true positive (ie, IBD) or false positive (ie, non-IBD) for each information stream is presented, in addition to the proportion of all true positives.