Table 5

Indices predictive of failure of corticosteroid therapy for ASUC

Assessment at day 3 of corticosteroidsChance of treatment failure*Reference
BO >8/day or BO 3–8/day and CRP >45 mg/L85%Travis et al 1281
Mean stool frequency day 1–3Total:Ho et al 1282
Transverse colonic dilatation on abdominal X-ray ≥5.5 cm4
Albumin on admission <30 g/L1
Number of stools in 24 hours + (0.14×CRP (mg/L)) >872%Lindgren et al 1283
CRP/albumin ratio >0.85 combined plus stool frequency >374%Gibson et al 223
  • *Variably defined as failure of steroid therapy or risk of inpatient colectomy.