Table 3

Ulcerative Colitis Endoscopic Index of Severity (UCEIS)35

Descriptor (score most severe lesions)Likert scaleDefinition
Vascular pattern*Normal (1)Normal vascular pattern with arborisation of capillaries clearly defined, or with blurring or patchy loss of capillary margins
Patchy obliteration (2)Patchy obliteration of vascular pattern
Obliterated (3)Complete obliteration of vascular pattern
Bleeding*None (1)No visible blood
Mucosal (2)Some spots or streaks of coagulated blood on the surface of the mucosa ahead of the scope, that can be washed away
Luminal mild (3)Some free liquid blood in the lumen
Luminal moderate or severe (4)Frank blood in the lumen ahead of endoscope or visible oozing from mucosa after washing intraluminal blood, or visible oozing from a haemorrhagic mucosa
Erosions and ulcers*None (1)Normal mucosa, no visible erosions or ulcers
Erosions (2)Tiny (≤5 mm) defects in the mucosa, of a white or yellow colour with a flat edge
Superficial ulcer (3)Larger (>5 mm) defects in the mucosa, which are discrete fibrin-covered ulcers when compared with erosions, but remain superficial
Deep ulcer (4)Deeper excavated defects in the mucosa, with a slightly raised edge
  • UCEIS score=sum of all three descriptors in the worst affected area of the colon visible at endoscopy.

  • Remission, score ≤1.

  • *These three features account for 90% of variability in assessment of severity.