Table 6

Pouchitis Disease Activity Index1284

 Stool frequency (daily)0–2 (0=usual post-operative frequency, 1=1–2 stools more than post-operative frequency, 2=>3 stools more than post-operative frequency)
 Rectal bleeding0–1 (0=absent/rare, 1=present daily)
 Urgency/abdominal cramps0–2 (0=absent, 1=occasional, 2=usual)
 Fever (>37.8°C/100.5oF)0–1 (0=absent, 1=present)
Endoscopic inflammationOne point for each of: oedema, granularity, friability, loss of vascular pattern, mucous exudate, ulceration)
 Polymorphonuclear leucocyte infiltration1–3 (1=mild, 2=moderate +  crypt abscesses, 3=severe +  crypt abscesses)
 Mean ulceration per low power field1–3 (1 =<25%, 2=25–50%, 3 =>50% ulceration)
  • Pouchitis, total score ≥7 points; Remission, score ≤2 with endoscopic subscore ≤1.