Table 1

Estimation of the per-procedure costs of reusable colonoscopes by varying number of annual procedures and number of colonoscopes

Summary of costs1000 procedures (US$)2000 procedures (US$)3000 procedures (US$)Costs that will remain with disposable endoscope
Capital costs Yes. Purchase of disposable colonoscope per procedure only and monitor (lifespan approximately 5 years)
10 colonoscopes184.9392.4761.64
20 colonoscopes 262.45 131.22 87.48
35 colonoscopes378.73189.36126.24
50 colonoscopes495.00247.50165.00
Repair costs No
10 colonoscopes120.2260.1140.07
20 colonoscopes 206.32 103.16 68.77
35 colonoscopes335.47167.74111.82
50 colonoscopes464.62232.31154.87
Precleaning, leak testing, manual cleaning, visual inspection, high-level disinfection, storage (including personal protective equipment) 25.23 No
Personnel time during pre-cleaning through high-level disinfection 7.16 No
Infection-related treatment*
Per-procedure cost at different infection rates: 1.6/10001 and 0.37/1004
20.12– 46.52 Not for infections caused by endoscopic cross-contamination
10 colonoscopes357.66–384.07205.08–231.49154.23–180.63
20 colonoscopes 521.28–547.69 286.89313.30 208.76235.17
35 colonoscopes766.71–793.11409.61–436.01290.57–316.98
50 colonoscopes1012.12–1038.54532.32–558.73372.38–398.79
  • Costs marked with bold font are the base-case numbers (ie, based on 20 colonoscopes). The message of this study is based on the base-case results. Other estimates are used to increase transparency and to make data comparable to other facilities.

  • *Assumption: all infected patients are treated at a hospital.