Table 2

Results of cost-effectiveness evaluation over 48-week analysis

OutcomeTCCMIncremental (TC–CM)
Proportion of time in remission0.5820.4680.114
Hospitalisation events per patient0.1240.297−0.173
Adalimumab injections, 40 mg31.0124.746.27
Direct medical costs
 Adalimumab costs£10 770£8601£2170
 CRP and FC testing costs£109£0£109
 Hospitalisation costs£1044£2506−£1462
 Other direct medical costs£1332£1556−£224
Total costs£13 255£12 662£593 (95% CI: £−12 952 to £2096)
Total QALYs0.6680.6360.032 (95% CI: 0.011 to 0.055)
ICER (excluding absenteeism)£18 656
Incremental net monetary benefit (excluding absenteeism)£360
 Change in absenteeism−£3962−£2748−£1214
ICER (including absenteeism)TC dominant
Incremental net monetary benefit (including absenteeism)£1575
  • CM, Clinical management strategy; CRP, C-reactive protein; FC, faecal calprotectin; ICER, incremental cost-effectiveness ratio.; QALY, quality-adjusted life-year; TC, tight control strategy.