Table 2

Main differences among the answer and MACHT trials79 80

ANSWER trialMACHT trial
Open label
Placebo controlled
Interventional treatmentHA 40 g twice a week for 2 weeks, then 40 g every week.HA 40 g every 15 days plus midodrine.
Total number of patients (number of patients in each group)431 (218 HA/213 SMT)173 (87 HA+midodrine/86 SMT)
Number (%) of patients in waiting list for LT at enrolment34 (8)173 (100)
MELD at enrolment (HA/SMT)12/1317/18
Duration of interventional treatment17.6 (8.0–18.0) months*63 days†
Number (%) of patients under-going LT during the follow-up37 (9)106 (61)
Effect of interventional treatment on serum albumin concentrationIncrease in serum albumin concentration (0.6–0.8 g/dL) in the first month.No significant change.
Outcomes according to the interventional treatmentReduction of mortality and complications.No effect on mortality or complications.
  • *Median calculated by reverse Kaplan‐Meier method.

  • †Median.

  • HA, human albumin; LT, liver transplantation; MELD, model for end-stage liver disease; SMT, standard medical treatment.