Table 6

Characteristics of liver transplant recipients died because of COVID-19

CaseSex (M/F)Age, yearsEthnicityBMI, kg/m2 ComorbiditySymptoms at presentationImmunosuppression managementRespiratory supportICU admission
1 M67Caucasian27.8History of renal tumourFever, cough, dyspnoeaCNIs aloneNIMVNo
No change
2 M78Caucasian23.1History of PTLDFever, cough, dyspnoeaCNIs aloneNIMVNo
CV diseaseNo change
3 M75Caucasian25.1Active tumour: HCC recurrenceDyspnoea,CNIs aloneNIMVNo
CV diseaseFatigue/myalgiaNo change
Arterial hypertension
4 M55Caucasian21.6Fever, dyspnoeaCNIs+steroidsNIMVNo
Only CNIs discontinuation
5 M70Caucasian28.5Active tumour: HCC recurrenceFever, dyspnoeaCNIs+steroidsIMVYes
Arterial hypertensionOnly CNIs discontinuation
6 M66Caucasian23.8Active tumour: PTLDFever, cough, fatigue/myalgia, GI symptomsSteroidsIMVYes
Arterial hypertensionNo change
7 F79Caucasian21.3CV diseaseFever, dyspnoea, fatigue/myalgiaMMF aloneNCNo
Arterial hypertension
  • CKD, chronic kidney disease; CNIs, calcineurin inhibitors; CV, cardiovascular; F, female; IMV, invasive mechanical ventilation; M, male; MMF, mycophenolate mofetil; NC, nasal cannula; NIMV, non-invasive mechanical ventilation; PTLD, post-transplant lymphoproliferative disorder.