Table 1

Studies evaluating the presence of SARS-CoV-2 in faecal samples or anal/rectal swabs

First authorCountryNo of patientsNo of samples positive for SARS-CoV-2Follow-upCulture
To et al 28 China154 (27%) rectal swabsNoneNo
Xiao et al 32 China7339 (53%) faecal samples17 (24%) samples positive for a longer time than respiratory samplesNo
Zhang et al 34 China154 (27%) anal swabs6 (37%) swabs positive at day 5No
Wölfel et al 35 Germany98 (88%) faecal samples4 (36%) samples positive at day 20Culture of viable virus failed
Wu et al 36 China7441 (55%) faecal samplesSamples positive for a mean of 28 daysNo
Wang et al 37 China15344 (29%) faecal samplesNone2 of 4 faeces samples positive by culture
Zhang et al 38 China76 (86%) rectal swabsSwabs positive for 5–23 daysNo
Zang et al 39 China53 (60%) faecal samplesNoneCulture of viable virus failed