Table 1

Patient characteristics

Age range (years)40s40s30s60s50s20s20s70s50s60s
EthnicityWhiteHispanicAsianBlackWhiteHispanicBlack and HispanicWhiteSouth AsianWhite
Height (cm)163152182163173157175188173191
Weight (kg)591008210079591279677136
Smoking HistoryNYNExExNNNExEx
ComorbiditiesEpilepsyNNHTNHTN and hyperlipidaemiaNNChronic pancreatitis and MIHyperlipidaemiaN
Regular medicationKepraNifedipine, telmisartan and HCT.Lisinopril and atorvastatin.Metoprolol, ASA and rosuvastatin.ASA and rosuvastatin.
TylenolOnce1–2×/day 1 mgFor 5 days
Test methodNasal swab PCRNasal swab
Nasal swab
AB test*Nasal swab
Nasal swab
Nasal swab
Clinical diagnosisNasal swab
AB test*
Test date04/0303/2703/3005/0104/1004/2004/20 04/3004/1605/04
Start symptoms03/2403/2503/2104/0304/1004/1204/1503/1004/1403/23
Start Fam.03/2804/0203/3004/1304/1604/2104/2104/0504/1603/30
Stop Fam.04/0704/1204/0504/2404/2305/0805/0204/0905/0604/03
Fam. dose80 mg three times a day80 mg three times a day80 mg three times a day50 mg three times a day80 mg three times a day80 mg three times a day80 mg three times a day60 mg two times per day60 mg two times per day20 mg three times a day
 Body acheYYYYY
 Chest tightnessYYY
 OthersSweating.Chills and hives. Body spasms.Sore throat.Congested nose and GI symptoms.Sinusitis/congested nose.Slow motion performance.GI symptoms and dehydration.Influenza symptoms.
AEsRacing heartbeat and dizziness.Dizziness, dry skin and insomnia.(GI symptoms and forgetfulness)
  • In order to comply with journal guidelines for anonymisation ages are provided as age ranges.

  • *Pt 4: test by Mount Sinai Health Systems, USA, titre: 2880; pt 10: test by Mount Sinai Health Systems, USA, titre: 2880.

  • †In addition to those symptoms scored in the questionnaire; dates displayed as month/day.

  • AB, antibody; AEs, adverse events, in parenthesis if only possibly related to famotidine; BMI, body mass index; F, female; Fam., famotidine; HCT, hydrochlorothiazide; HTN, hypertension; M, male; N, no; Y, yes.