Table 3

Retrospective studies on platinum-based chemotherapy in patients with advanced homologous recombination-deficient PDAC

MutationsDesignTherapy lineTherapyNumber of pts.mPFSmOSEfficacyReference
Group 1: BRCA1/2, PALB2 (n=38)
Group 2: ATM/ATR/ATRX (n=22)
Group 3: BAP1, BARD1, BRIP1, CHEK1/2, RAD50/51/51B, FANCA/C/D2/E/F/G/L (n=12)
RetrospectiveVariousPlatinum-containing any therapy line
Total: 443
HRD: 72
HRP: 371
First-line: HRD+platinum (n=53): 13.7 m
HRP+platinum (n=268): 8.2 m
Second-line: HRD+platinum (n=28): 8.6 m
HRP+platinum (n=103): 4.1 m
HRD+platinum (n=53): 2.37 y
HRD-platinum (n=19): 0.76 y
HRP+platinum (n=258): 1.45 y
HRP-platinum (n=113): 1.13 y
HRD+platinum: p=0.00183
RetrospectiveFirst-linePlatinum-containing any therapy line
Total: 43n.a.HRD+platinum (n=22): 22 m
HRD-platinum (n=21): 9 m
BRCA1 (n=7)
BRCA2 (n=5)
PALB2 (n=3)
MSH2 (n=1)
FANCF (n=1)
RetrospectiveFirst-lineFOLFIRINOXTotal: 36
HRD: 12
n.a.HRD: 14 m
HRP: 5 m
HRD vs HRP: p=0.08126
BRCA2 (n=10)
ATM (n=8)
BRCA1 (n=2)
CHEK2 (n=2)
ATR (n=1)
PALB2 (n=1)
RetrospectiveVariousPlatinum-containing any therapy lineTotal: 28
HRD: 13
HRD+platinum: 20.8 m
HRP+platinum : 1.7 m
gBRCA2 (n=3)
BRCA2 (n=2)
BRCA1 (n=1)
gRAD51C (n=1)
gMUTYH (n=1)
RetrospectiveFirst-lineFOLFIRINOXTotal: 40HRD+platinum: 18.5 m
HRP+platinum: 6.9 m
11.5 mmPFS: p=0.003128
BRCA1 (n=5)
BRCA2 (n=17)
PALB2 (n=4)
RetrospectiveVariousPlatinum-containing any therapy lineTotal: 78
HRD: 26
HRP: 52
HRD+platinum: 10.1 m
HRP+platinum: 6.9 m
HRD+platinum: 24.6 m
HRP+platinum: 18.8 m
mPFS: p=0.0068
mOS: p=0.0467
  • FOLFIRINOX, folinic acid, fluouracil, irinotecan, oxaliplatin; HRD, homologous recombination-deficient; HRP, homologous recombination-proficient; m, month; mOS, median overall survival; mPFS, median progression-free survival; n.a., not applicable; pts., patients; y, year.