Table 3

Anthropometrics of female offspring at weaning, week 12 and week 18*

Weaning weight, g
Lean mass, g
73.4±2.8a 75.3±2.8a 62.1±4.3b 63.4±2.8
 Weaning52.9±1.8a 54.5±1.7a 47.7±2.3b 49.2±1.5
 12 weeks271±5242±13251±17266±6
 18 weeks295±6a 275±3b 279±11ab 283±4
Body fat, %
 Weaning27.6±1.2a 27.3±1.3a 21.4±2b 20.0±1.3
 12 weeks26.4±2.122.2±2.324.3± 6.016.2±1.8
 18 weeks35.3±1.833.4±1.731.5±1.624.4±2.0
Bone mineral density, g/cm2
 Weaning0.09±0.007a 0.09±0.006a 0.13±0.01b 0.08±0.013
 12 weeks0.16±0.0020.16±0.0020.17±0.0020.16±0.003
 18 weeks0.17±0.0020.17±0.0020.17±0.0020.17±0.001
Liver weight, g
 Weaning2.6±0.10a 2.7±0.08a 2.1±0.17b 2.3±0.12
 12 weeks10.1±0.48.9±0.59.4±1.210.1±0.5
 18 weeks13.0±0.310.7±0.611.0±0.110.3±0.5
  • a,bsuperscripts indicate significant differences between groups of the same sex where labelled means without a common superscript letter differ, p≤0.05.

  • *Values are means±SEM. Obese-APM, obese aspartame (n=8); obese-STV, obese stevia (n=7); obese-WTR, obese control (n=6); lean-reference, lean control (n=10; not included in statistical analysis).