Table 1

Characteristics of units submitting data

Pre-endoscopy actionsStratified use* of
SiteCentre typeAnnual procedure count
Cases submittedNP swab?Mandatory self-isolation for patients
(≥7 days)?
AT20 000198YesYesYesYes
BT17 000111NoNoYesYes
CL20 000436NoNoYesYes
ET15 000374YesNoYesYes
HT17 000218YesNo†YesYes
IL15 200351YesNoYesYes
JL17 400175YesYesYesYes
KT15 00084YesNoNoNo
LT15 600950NoNoYesYes
MT20 000363YesNoYesYes
NT30 525219YesNoNoNo
OT15 000715NoNoNoNo
PL24 000672NoNoNoNo
QT14 000660NoNoYesYes
RL20 000251YesNo†YesYes
Total10T; 8 L302 825620812Y16N12Y12Y
  • *Stratified use refers to the differential use of ‘low-risk’ and ‘high-risk’ principles according to upper vs lower GI endoscopy and COVID19-confirmed vs COVID19-excluded patients (ie, a COVID-minimised pathway as explained in references 4, 5 and 11).

  • †Sites suggested, but did not mandate, self-isolation of patients for 7 days preprocedure.

  • IPCPs, infection prevention and control policies; L, local; NP, nasopharyngeal; PPE, personal protective equipment; T, tertiary.