Table 3

Characteristics of the detected early gastric cancers

Characteristic of the detected EGCWLI group2G-NBI groupP value
(primary WLI vs primary 2G-NBI)
P value
(secondary WLI vs secondary 2G-NBI)
Detected by primary WLI
Detected by secondary 2G-NBI
Detected by primary 2G-NBI
Detected by secondary WLI
Tumour location*, n (%)10.913
 Upper third12(24.0)5(26.3)15(25.4)6(35.3)
 Anterior wall3051
 Lesser curvature2021
 Posterior wall5351
 Greater curvature2233
 Middle third23(46.0)8(42.1)26(44.1)7(41.2)
 Anterior wall5161
 Lesser curvature9272
 Posterior wall6071
 Greater curvature3563
 Lower third15(30.0)6(31.6)18(30.5)4(23.5)
 Anterior wall3200
 Lesser curvature5261
 Posterior wall2150
 Greater curvature5173
Tumour macroscopic type*, n (%)10.408
Tumour histological classification*0.0590.605
 High-grade adenoma0(0)0(0)5(8.5)0(0)
 Well-differentiated tubular AC43(86.0)16(84.2)41(69.5)15(88.2)
 Moderately differentiated AC5(10.0)3(15.8)4(6.8)1(5.9)
 Poorly differentiated AC, solid type0(0)0(0)1(1.7)1(5.9)
 Poorly differentiated AC, non-solid type0(0)0(0)1(1.7)0(0)
 Signet-ring cell carcinoma2(4.0)0(0)3(5.1)0(0)
Resected EGC, n (%)47(94.0)19(100)51(86.4)16(94.1)
Tumour size‡, mm11.9±8.913.3±8.414.5±9.812.5±7.50.1830.766
Tumour depth§, n (%)0.7771
  • *Tumour location, macroscopic type and histological classification were classified according to the Japanese Classification of Gastric Carcinoma.14

  • †Others included a squamous cell carcinoma, a carcinoid tumour, an endocrine carcinoma and a carcinoma with lymphoid stroma.

  • ‡Tumour size was analysed in the resected EGCs. Values are expressed as means±SD.

  • §Tumour depth was analysed in the resected EGCs.

  • WLI, white light imaging; 2G-NBI, second-generation narrow band imaging; EGC, early gastric cancer; AC, adenocarcinoma.