Table 3

Effectiveness of first-line empirical treatments according to duration

ITT eradication ratePP eradication ratemITT eradication rate
Treatment durationTreatment durationTreatment duration
N7 days10 days14 daysN7 days10 days14 daysN7 days10 days14 days
PPI-C+A+T seq1158NA77.5%NA957NA92.1%NA969NA91.5%NA
PPI-C+A+M seq*620NA74.4%NA528NA82.9%NA569NA80.8%NA
PPI-C+A+T conc187NA85.4%89.5%162NA95.5%100.0%167NA92.8%100.0%
PPI-C+A+M conc4164NA84.8%88.2%389195.0%88.9%92.2%399290.9%88.3%92.1%
PPI+single capsule†1300NA82.1%NA1102NA95.4%NA1124NA94.5%NA
Total21 21361.1%76.9%79.6%17 87578.5%87.8%88.3%18 21778.2%87.0%88.0%
  • *An effectiveness univariate analysis was performed accounting 10-day or 14-day treatments prescribed together with high doses PPI only, and following therapies reached over 90% mITT eradication rate: 14-day PPI-C+A (89.6%), 10-day PPI-C+A+M seq (91.6%), 10-day or14-day PPI-C+A+M conc (both 92.7% and 92.8%), 10-day PPI-C+A+B (95.5%), 10-day PPI-M+Tc+B (95.2%). A χ2 test was also performed and significant comparisons (10 days vs 14 days with high-dose PPIs) were reported in the table (*). Additional pair-wise comparison (by means of Chi2 test and Fisher exact test) were performed between following treatments: 10-day sequential, 14-day concomitant and 10-day bismuth quadruple: statistically significant differences (p<0.001) were found in all comparisons in favour of the 14-day concomitant and 10-day bismuth quadruple therapies.

  • †Three-in-one single capsule containing bismuth, tetracycline and metronidazole.

  • A, amoxicillin; B, bismuth salts; C, clarithromycin; Conc, concomitant; ITT, intention-to-treat; L, levofloxacin; M, metronidazole; mITT, modified-intention-to treat; NA, Not applicable; PP, per protocol; PPI, proton pump inhibitor; Seq, sequential; Tc, tetracycline.