Table 2

Multivariate Cox regression analysis for fatal ACLF development in compensated patients

ParameterUnivariate Cox regressionMultivariate Cox regression
P valueHR95% CIP valueHR95% CI
Compensated cirrhosis
 CLIF-C AD0.0021.1751.061 to 1.3010.0521.1060.999 to 1.224
 Hb0.0080.6920.527 to 0.908
 Albumin<0.0010.2200.095 to 0.5120.0100.8720.786 to 0.967
 Bilirubin<0.0011.4541.193 to 1.772
 IL-1α ×10−2 0.0111.2571.055 to 1.4990.0131.2481.048 to 1.486
 IL-1β ×10−2 0.253
  • ACLF, acute-on-chronic liver failure; AD, acute decompensation; CLIF-C, European Foundation for the study of chronic liver failure consortium; Hb, haemoglobin; IL, interleukin.