Table 2

Distribution of CRC stages in the exposed and unexposed groups and interval cancer diagnosed within the study cohort

AJCC staging*Unexposed groupExposed group
Overall†Only attended first FIT screeningAttended subsequent FIT screening
Total30 295100.021 665100.09400100.05210100.0
Total22 916100.015 933100.07254100.03690100.0
  • *Staging was based on AJCC sixth version before 2010 and seventh version thereafter. Stage information was incomplete in 10.8% in the screened group and 15.9% in unscreened group.

  • †Also includes FIT interval cancer, colonoscopy interval cancer and CRC of non-compliance with colonoscopy, in addition to CRC detected at first and subsequent screening rounds of next two columns.

  • AJCC, American Joint Committee on Cancer; CRC, colorectal cancer; FIT, faecal immunochemical test.