Table 3

Number and rate of cancers detected at endoscopy, numbers and percentages of ‘missing cancers’* and number of procedures per cancer detected, by time period, overall and by procedure type

Procedure typeTime period*
Pre-COVIDCOVID impactedChange in cancer detection rate
All cancers
 Average cancers detected per week677283
 Cancer detection rate (per 100 procedures)1.91 (1.86–1.95)6.61 (6.38–6.85)4.70 (4.46–4.94), p<0.001
 Missing cancers in period3939
 % of cancers ‘missing’58.2%
 Number of procedures per cancer5215
Colorectal cancers (colonoscopy and flexible sigmoidoscopy)
 Average cancers per week394112
 Cancer detection rate (per 100 procedures)1.97 (1.91–2.03)5.77 (5.44–6.10)3.80 (3.46–4.13), p<0.001
 Missing cancers in period2828
 % of cancers missing71.7%
 Number of procedures per cancer5117
Oesophageal cancers (OGD)
 Average cancers per week205129
 Cancer detection rate (per 100 procedures)1.37 (1.31–1.43)6.16 (5.84–6.49)4.80 (4.47–5.13), p<0.001
 Missing cancers in period759
 % of cancers missing37.1%
Gastric cancers (OGD)
 Average cancers per week6129
 Cancer detection rate (per 100 procedures)0.41 (0.38–0.44)1.40 (1.24–1.56)0.99 (0.83–1.15), p<0.001
 Missing cancers in period320
 % of cancers missing52.3%
 Number of procedures per cancer†5613
Pancreatobiliary cancers (ERCP)
 Average cancers per week1714
 Cancer detection rate (per 100 procedures)3.36 (2.77–3.74)5.21 (4.35–6.07)1.95 (0.97–2.94), p≤0.001
 Missing cancers in period32
 % of cancers missing19.2%
 Number of procedures per cancer3119
  • *Difference in numbers of cancers detected in COVID-impacted period compared with number expected had the same number of weekly procedures and cancer detection rate applied as in pre-COVID period; % of cancers missed is this difference expressed as percentage of number of cancers expected.

  • †Pre-COVID 16 January 2020–15 March 2020; COVID-19 impacted 23 March 2020–31 May 2020.

  • ‡Number of oesophagogastroduododenoscopy (OGD) procedures per cancer (oesophageal and gastric cancers combined).

  • ERCP, endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreatography.