Table 2

Details of participants who developed pancreatic cancer or underwent pancreatic resection

Pathological outcome*Age at diagnosis, yearsMonths between baseline and diagnosis/surgerySymptomatic interval PDACRisk categoryModality that detected lesionModality performed but lesion not visibleFNASurgery typeTNM stage
AJCC 8th edition
Outcome/months survival since PDAC diagnosis or surgery
Participants with non-resectable malignancy
 1PDAC6540/–YPJSEUS, MRI/MRCPN/AT4N1M0Deceased/4
 4PDAC6817/–YCDKN2AEUS, CT‡N/AT4N1M0Alive/10
Participants with resected malignancy
 5PDAC, R0 resection§6839/43NCDKN2AEUS, MRI/MRCP, CT?DPT1cN0M0Deceased/12
 6PDAC, R0 resection760/3NCDKN2AEUS, CTN/ADPT3N2M0Deceased/32
 7PDAC, R0 resection510/3NCDKN2AEUSMRI/MRCP, CTN/ADPT1cN0M0Deceased/32
 8PDAC associated with IPMN, R1 resection**5024/25NCDKN2AEUS, MRI/MRCP¶N/ADPT1cN1M0Deceased/18
 9PDAC, R0 resection5426/29NPJSEUS, MRI/MRCP¶PosPDT1aN0M0Deceased/
 10PDAC, R0 resection5555/58NCDKN2AEUSMRI/MRCP, CTPosPDT2N1M0Alive/16
Participants who underwent resection without harbouring malignancy
 11Main duct IPMN, IGD470/28BRCA2EUS, MRI/MRCPN/ADPAlive/81
 12Mixed type IPMN, LGD640/5FPCEUS, MRI/MRCPN/APDAlive/33
 13Branch duct IPMN, LGD+pNET G1 T1N0M04950/51FPCEUSMRI/MRCPN/ADPAlive/44
 14Duodenal NET G2 T2N0M0 <2 cm570/3FPCEUS, MRI/MRCP, CTPosPDAlive/55
 15pNET G2 T1N0M0 <2 cm510/9CDKN2AEUS, MRI/MRCPCTPosPDAlive/39
 16PanIN2+pNET G1 T1N0M0 <2 cm4949/50CDKN2AEUSMRI/MRCPN/ADPAlive/83
 17PanIN2470/17FPCEUS, MRI/MRCPN/ADPAlive/98
 20Autoimmune pancreatitis type 23224/25FPCEUS, MRI/MRCPCTN/ADPAlive/39
 21No lesion detectable in resected specimen5014/16BRCA2EUSMRI/MRCPPosDPAlive/43
  • *Highest grade of dysplasia reported in case of multiple lesions.

  • †Underwent surveillance with only MRI because the pancreas was difficult to visualise on EUS.

  • ‡Individual had refused MRI.

  • §Developed pancreatic cancer outside the surveillance programme, 3 years after quitting for unknown reasons.

  • ¶EUS detected high-risk feature that led to surgery, MRI did not.

  • **Pathology showed a moderately differentiated tubular adenocarcinoma, most likely originating from an IPMN.

  • ††Died due to metastases most likely originating from cervical cancer that was diagnosed prior to the pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma.

  • AJCC, American Joint Committee on Cancer; DP, distal pancreatectomy; EUS, endoscopic ultrasonography; FNA, fine-needle aspiration; FPC, familial pancreatic cancer kindred; IGD, intermediate-grade dysplasia; IPMN, intraductal papillary mucinous neoplasm; LGD, low-grade dysplasia; MRI/MRCP, MRI/magnetic resonance cholangiopancreatography; N, no; N/A, not applicable, FNA was not performed; NET, neuroendocrine tumour; PA, pathology; PanIN, pancreatic intraepithelial neoplasia; PD, pancreatoduodenectomy; PDAC, pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma; PJS, Peutz-Jeghers syndrome; pNET, pancreatic neuroendocrine tumour; Pos, FNA suggestive or positive for malignancy (NET or PDAC or acinar cell carcinoma); Y, yes.