Table 2

Results of analysis conducted on study outcomes

OutcomeOR (SE)95% CIP value
Logistic regression
 Pain (none/mild versus moderate/severe) (PO)1.13 (0.20)0.811.590.47
 ADR (no, yes) (KSO)1.45 (0.25)
 Pain (none/mild/moderate versus severe)1.77 (0.87)0.684.620.24
 Maximum extent of insertion (descending or greater, no further than sigmoid)1.12 (0.15)0.871.450.39
 Entonox use (no or yes)1.32 (0.28)0.872.000.19
 Need for re-enema (no or yes)1.32 (0.34)0.792.200.28
 Need for patient position changes (no or yes)1.15 (0.18)0.841.550.38
 Technique conversion (no or yes)−0.26 (0.09)0.130.52<0.01
Ordinal logistic regression
 Pain felt 24 hours (none, mild, moderate or severe)1.21 (0.17)0.931.590.15
 Pain expected (less painful, as expected or more)1.23 (0.17)0.941.610.13
 Embarrassment (none, mild, moderate or severe)1.02 (0.13)0.791.320.86
 Satisfaction (very dissatisfied, neither, satisfied or very satisfied0.87 (0.12)0.661.150.33
 Repeat procedure (No, not sure or yes)0.66 (0.26)0.301.440.29
 Recommend procedure (No, not sure or yes)1.19 (0.42)0.592.380.63
 Abdominal pain (none, mild, moderate or severe)1.33 (0.20)0.991.800.06
 Nausea (none, mild, moderate or severe)1.95 (0.78)0.894.270.10
 Faint feeling (none, mild, moderate or severe)0.97 (0.28)0.551.710.91
 Bloating (none, mild, moderate or severe)1.22 (0.17)0.921.610.17
 Bottom soreness (none, mild, moderate or severe)1.07 (0.22)0.721.590.75
 Soiling (none, mild, moderate or severe)1.28 (0.36)0.742.230.38
 Bleeding (none, mild, moderate or severe)1.50 (0.60)0.693.280.31
 Sleep disturbance (none, mild, moderate or severe)0.95 (0.25)0.571.580.84
 Quality of mucosal views (BBPS) (inadequate, poor, good or excellent)−0.77 (0.09)0.610.970.02
Mixed regression models COEF (SE)
 Patient procedural pain (VAS)1.59 (1.28)−0.924.110.22
 Sigmoid insertion time−0.54 (0.15)−0.84−0.24<0.01
 Sigmoid withdrawal time−0.16 (0.17)−0.500.180.35
 Overall procedure time−0.70 (0.24)−1.17−0.23<0.01
 Length of scope inserted−0.04 (0.79)−1.581.500.96
Zero-inflated Poisson model
 Mean adenomas per procedure0.10 (0.18)−0.260.450.60
  • ADR, adenoma detection rate; BBPS, Boston Bowel Preparation Scale; COEF, coefficient; KSO, key secondary outcome; PO, primary outcome; VAS, visual analogue scale; WAS, water-assisted sigmoidoscopy.