Table 1

Characteristics of units submitting data

Pre-endoscopy actionsStratified use* of
SiteCentre typeAnnual procedure count
Cases submittedNP swab?Mandatory self-isolation for patients
(≥7 days)?
A T20 000198YesYesYesYes
B T17 000111NoNoYesYes
C L20 000436NoNoYesYes
D L9800365YesNo†NoNo
E T15 000374YesNoYesYes
F L750058YesNoNoNo
G L9800206YesNoYesYes
H T17 000218YesNo†YesYes
I L15 200351YesNoYesYes
J L17 400175YesYesYesYes
K T15 00084YesNoNoNo
L T15 600950NoNoYesYes
M T20 000363YesNoYesYes
N T30 525219YesNoNoNo
O T15 000715NoNoNoNo
P L24 000672NoNoNoNo
Q T14 000660NoNoYesYes
R L20 000251YesNo†YesYes
Total 10T; 8 L302 825620812Y16N12Y12Y
  • *Stratified use refers to the differential use of ‘low-risk’ and ‘high-risk’ principles according to upper vs lower GI endoscopy and COVID19-confirmed vs COVID19-excluded patients (ie, a COVID-minimised pathway as explained in references 4, 5 and 11).

  • †Sites suggested, but did not mandate, self-isolation of patients for 7 days preprocedure.

  • IPCPs, infection prevention and control policies; L, local; NP, nasopharyngeal; PPE, personal protective equipment; T, tertiary.