Table 2

Type-AB DNA methylation at gene promoters targets specific signalling pathways

Pathway nameFold enrichmentFDR-corrected p value
Axon guidance mediated by Slit/Robo6.811.31×10–2
Axon guidance mediated by netrin5.451.29×10–2
Ionotropic glutamate receptor pathway5.341.70×10–3
Cadherin signalling pathway4.414.32×10–7
5HT1 type receptor-mediated signalling pathway4.343.73×10–2
Metabotropic glutamate receptor group III pathway4.011.15×10–2
Heterotrimeric G-protein signalling pathway-Gi alpha and Gs alpha mediated3.228.97×10–4
Wnt signalling pathway2.652.29×10–4
  • Type-AB CpGs were identified using a two-step process: First, we identified CpGs that were significantly associated with age in both the intestine of wild-type animals and Braf mutant animals from weaning. From this subset of type-A CpGs, we identified those that (de)accumulate DNA methylation at significantly different rates according to mutation status by analysis of covariance. CpGs were assessed by regression analyses and pathway enrichment determined using the PANTHER enrichment tool.

  • FDR, false discovery rate.