Table 1

Characteristics of patients with chronic HBV infection

CharacteristicsHBeAg-positive CHB
(HBeAg+ CHB)
HBeAg-negative CHB
(HBeAg- CHB)
HBeAg-negative cHBV infection
(HBeAg- cHBV)
Sex (male/female)3/217/106/12
Age (in years)59 (31–78)54 (30–79)38 (30–64)
AST level
118 (75–160)29 (17–152)24 (18–29)
ALT level
166 (159–322)32 (14–387)23.5 (13–41)
121979615 (32–168344275)753.5 (0–7762471)724.5 (26–6998)
Treatment (no/yes)1/46*/210/18
  • All numerical data were expressed in median (range).

  • *Longitudinal analysis before and on NUC treatment of four patients.

  • ALT, alanine aminotransaminase; AST, aspartat aminotransferase; CHB, chronic hepatitis B; cHBV, chronic HBV; f, female; HBV, hepatitis B virus; m, male; NUC, Nulcelos(t)ide analogues.