Table 4

Competing risks regression model for combined endpoint of COVID-19 hospitalisation COVID-19 mortality*

VariableSub-HR95% CIP value
Age (per year)1.03(1.01 to 1.04)<0.001
 Black2.68(1.82 to 3.95)<0.001
 Hispanic2.04(1.02 to 4.07)0.04
 Other2.54(1.27 to 5.09)0.009
Diabetes mellitus1.47(1.03 to 2.09)0.03
Peripheral vascular disease2.06(1.22 to 3.48)0.007
Obesity1.79(1.19 to 2.70)0.005
Corticosteroid use1.90(1.14 to 3.17)0.01
IBD Med category
 Mesalazine alone(ref)
 Thiopurine1.29(0.69 to 2.41)0.43
 Anti-TNF1.02(0.55 to 1.87)0.96
 Anti-TNF+TP1.81(0.83 to 3.95)0.13
 Anti-TNF+MTX2.31(0.83 to 6.48)0.11
 Vedolizumab1.98(0.85 to 4.65)0.12
 No IBD Meds1.64(1.12 to 2.42)0.01
  • *Death from any non-COVID-19-related cause was treated as a competing event.

  • IBD, inflammatory bowel disease; MTX, methotrexate; TNF, tumour necrosis factor; TP, thiopurine.