Table 3

A comparison of oral iron preparations available in the UK (February 2021)

FormulationPreparationDoseElemental ironCost/£*
Ferrous sulfateTablet200 mg65 mg1.00†
Drops125 mg/mL25 mg/mL60.00
MR tablet 325 mg105 mg2.58
MR capsule 150 mg48 mg3.95
Ferrous sulfate with ascorbic acidMR tablet 325 mg105 mg3.20
Ferrous sulfate with folic acidMR tablet 325 mg105 mg2.64
Ferrous gluconateTablet300 mg37 mg2.18
Ferrous fumarateTablet210 mg69 mg1.33
Capsule305 mg100 mg1.40
Tablet322 mg106 mg1.00
Liquid140 mg/5 mL45 mg/5 mL4.00
Ferrous fumarate with folic acidTablet322 mg106 mg1.25
Ferric maltolTablet30 mg30 mg47.60
Sodium feredateLiquid190 mg/ 5 mL27.5 mg/5 mL8.37
Multivitamins with ironVariousVariousUp to 14 mg~1.00§
  • *Indicative approximate cost per 28 days calculated from drug tariff prices for preparations available on prescription (British National Formulary (BNF)—February 2021). Figures based on once-daily dosing for all standard preparations (50–100 mg elemental iron daily), and licenced dose of 30 mg two times a day for ferric maltol. Exact prices will vary with local purchasing arrangements.

  • †Ferrous sulfate 200 mg tablets are available for purchase at pharmacies in the UK (approximate cost—£2.50 for 28 days for 200 mg once a day).

  • ‡Modified release (MR) preparations are indicated in the BNF as less suitable for prescribing.

  • §Available for over-the-counter purchase at supermarkets and pharmacies.