Table 2

Summary of recent real-world studies of the performance of quantitative FIT in the prediction of colorectal cancer (CRC) in adults with clinical pointers to this diagnosis, showing data for FIT-negative cancers with IDA (reference 68 assessed all-cause anaemia rather than confirmed IDA)

ReferenceNumber of subjectsSensitivity of FIT for CRCFIT-negative CRCs
ScreenedCRC foundTotalNo with IDA
Chapman et al64 7954087.5%55
Mowat et al65 14479587.4%127
Nicholson et al66 989610590.5%124
D’Souza et al67 982232990.9%304
Lazlo et al68 35969083.3%158
Cunin et al69 10004885.4%74
Total 26 556 707 81 32
  • Data for an arbitrary detection threshold of 10 µg/g is shown for direct comparison.

  • FIT, faecal immunochemical testing; IDA, iron deficiency anaemia.