Table 4

A comparison of intravenous iron preparations available in the UK (February 2021)

FormulationIron doseTest doseMin infusionCost/£*
Iron sucrose200 mg per injectionYes30 min102
Ferric carboxymaltoseTDR—max single dose 20 mg/kg or 1000 mg‡No15 min154.23†
Ferric derisomaltoseTDR—max single dose 20 mg/kgNo15–30 min†169.50
Iron dextran200 mg per injectionYes40 min79.7
Iron dextranTDR—max single dose 20 mg/kgYes4–6 hours79.7
  • *Indicative approximate cost per 1000 mg elemental iron calculated from National Health Service prices (British National Formulary—February 2021). Administration costs not included.

  • †Dependent on dose.

  • ‡Whichever is the lower.

  • TDR, total dose replacement.