Table 7

Predictors of G-POEM clinical success at 12 months tested by multivariable logistic regression model

OR95% CIP value
Baseline GCSI Score higher than 2.63.23(1.06 to 9.9) 0.04
Gastric retention >20% at 4 hours before G-POEM3.65(1.14 to 11.66) 0.029
  • Note: the following variables were tested in the model: upper abdominal pain before G-POEM, baseline GCSI Score higher than 2.6, baseline nausea/vomiting, baseline Fullness/early satiety, baseline bloating score and gastric retention >20% at 4 hours before G-POEM.

  • GCSI, Gastroparesis Cardinal Symptom Index; G-POEM, gastric per-oral endoscopic myotomy.