Table 6

Univariable analysis of predictors of G-POEM clinical success at 12 months

OR95% CIP value
Baseline characteristics
Age1.02(0.99 to 1.05)0.293
Female versus male1.41(0.52 to 3.83)0.501
BMI0.96(0.88 to 1.04)0.272
 Diabetes*0.93(0.28 to 3.03)0.9
 Postsurgical*1.2(0.42 to 3.4)0.735
Duration of gastroparesis1(0.99 to 1.02)0.551
Upper abdominal pain before G-POEM1.27(0.95 to 1.69)0.11
Baseline GCSI Score higher than 2.6†3.84(1.43 to 10.30) 0.008
Baseline average GCSI Score1.94(1.19 to 3.17) 0.008
Baseline nausea/vomiting score1.38(0.97 to 1.96)0.077
Baseline Fullness/early satiety score1.68(1.12 to 2.54) 0.013
Baseline bloating score1.41(1.02 to 1.95) 0.036
GES results
Gastric retention >20% at 4 hours before G-POEM3.24(1.07 to 9.78) 0.037
Early response to G-POEM
Clinical success at 1 month8.75(2.9 to 26.38) <0.001
Medication use after the G-POEM
Prescribed opioids0.4(0.14 to 1.19)0.099
Cannabinoid0.59(0.15 to 2.4)0.46
Prokinetics at 12 months0.5(0.1 to 2.42)0.389
Prokinetics at any of the follow-up time points0.83(0.29 to 2.37)0.732
  • *Compared with idiopathic aetiology.

  • †2.6 cut-off point was identified using receiver operating characteristic curve and Youden’s Index (details not presented).

  • BMI, body mass index; GCSI, Gastroparesis Cardinal Symptom Index; GES, gastric emptying study; G-POEM, gastric per-oral endoscopic myotomy.