Table 5

Findings at week 52 per treatment group

First-line IFXConventionalP value
wPCDAI, median (IQR)7.5 (0–15)10 (0–17.5)0.476
Clinical remission, n (%)33/47 (70)26/46 (57)0.420
Clinical remission in patients on immunomodulator monotherapy, n (%)22/29 (76)12/18 (67)0.958
Endoscopic remission, n (%)*5/18 (28)5/14 (36)0.630
SES-CD, median (IQR)7 (2–7)6 (0–10)0.961
Fcal <100 µg/g, n (%)17/48 (35)9/47 (19)0.120
  • Clinical remission is defined as a wPCDAI <12.5. Endoscopic remission was defined as a SES-CD <3. The group of patients on immunomodulator monotherapy comprised patients on azathioprine (n=46) and methotrexate (n=1). Baseline characteristics of these patients are similar (online supplemental table 2C).

  • *Eighteen FL-IFX patients and 14 conventionally treated patients consented for endoscopy at week 52.

  • Fcal, faecal calprotectin; IFX, infliximab; SES-CD, Simple Endoscopic Score for Crohn’s Disease; wPCDAI, weighted Paediatric Crohn’s Disease Activity Index.